Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Do you struggle to come up with romantic Valenties day gift ideas? Finding something special can be tricky so with Valentine’s day not that far off, I thought I would share this gift guide with you. This guide consists of products from Etsy and Not on the High Street, which both support independent businesses. I love discovering new small businesses so I really enjoyed compiling this list.

Valentines Gift Guide

1 – 5

1. I love this personalised portrait idea. You can feature you as a couple, include your kids or your dog. Available from Unearthed Paper Co, you can choose between a digital or several printed options.

2 Sometimes it’s the small things that are appreciated so this one is for all the parents out there. This is a great valentines day gift idea for dad to give to mum (or vice versa) or even a great Valentine’s gift for both parents so they can have a night out! This editable babysitting voucher is one of mine. You can upload your own photo and change the colours and the text to give your own personal message. Available from Amy Hardie Co.

3. Love and laugher go hand in hand so why not give these funny pillow cases? Available from Twisted Twee Homewares.  These can be personalised based on your particular couple sleeping habits.

4. If you’re bringing out the big guns this Valentine’s day and plan to surprise your beloved with a trip or vacation then this editable surprise trip gift voucher is ideal to add as a part of your Valentines day surprise. Available from Amy Hardie Co.

5. If you’re looking for something sweet and practical in equal measures, how about these interlocking key rings – a great choice fora couple, available from Alfalfa designs.

6 – 10

6. If you are looking for another funny option or if you are a fan of puns, this succulent vase features the phrase ‘you had me at aloe’. It’s available from Imperfect Store on Not on the High Street.

7. If you are on a budget, then editable, printable love coupons may be the answer. You add anything you like to the coupons, they could be for favours like breakfast in bed, doing the washing up, cooking dinner. You could go romantic and include weekends away, meals out etc or you could even create your own sexy coupon book with this template. Available from Amy Hardie Co.

8. If you love to spend time in the kitchen, this personalised wooden chopping board is really cute. Engraved with your two names as if you have carved your names on a tree on your first date. A lovely but also practical gift available from Rustic Flitch.

9. Fancy a sweet treat? These cactus biscuits (cookies) are super cute. Available from Honeywell Biscuit Co who also have lots of other beautiful designs.

10. Lastly, we have the lock and key ring. Wear one each that fit perfectly when they come together. Available from ET Jewellery.



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