As a service provider, you know that growing your online presence and email list will lead to more clients, income and impact.

You hear whisperings that Pinterest is a great marketing tool but you are not really sure how to apply it to your business. You’ve only ever used it to find recipes before and you don’t have time to learn another marketing tool. That’s where I come in – I can run it for you!



Hand your Pinterest account over to me and I will do all of the work for you. You can focus on client work and sharing your zone of genius!


I don’t just manage your Pinterest account for the sake of it. We will talk through your ideal clients and how we can attract them and convert them to subscribers.  



I will communicate with you every step of the way. Reporting on what is working and what tweaks should be made to improve results further.

Your done for you choices are:

1: Starter Package

  • Set up a Business Account
  • Set up ‘pin it’ Button
  • Optimisation of your profile bio
  • Activation of rich pins
  • 10 SEO optimised boards with 10 pins
  • 5 pins per day
  • 1 new pin design each week
  • Join and share pins to 5 tailwind tribes
  • Monthly reports


3: Pro Package

  • Set up a Business Account
  • Website audit with recommendations on how to optimise your site for email conversions
  • Claim your website
  • Set up ‘pin it’ Button
  • Set up Pinterest tag for Pinterest advertising down the line
  • Optimisation of your profile bio
  • Activation of rich pins
  • 20 SEO optimised boards with 20 pins
  • 25 pins per day
  • 3 new pin design each week
  • Join and share pins to 10 tailwind tribes
  • Check your website for new content each week and create new pins for that content
  • Optimise any existing boards
  • Spring clean existing account
  • Monthly reports


YES! I want to lay the foundations to consistent clients


“Amy has made my Pinterest marketing efforts a dream. Do yourself a favour and hire her right now.”

Niki Hutchison, Business Coach

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