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In this post we go through 3 action steps to help you with how to book photography clients by loving on your existing clients.
In this post we go through 3 action steps to help you with how to book photography clients by loving on your existing clients.

Getting new clients or customers is an activity that we are all fixated on but sometimes we can be blind to the people who are already interested in what we have to offer. Have you ever considered that your existing clients are the key to book more clients? In this post we’ll look at how to book photography clients by loving on your existing people.

Treat you clients well

Positive word of mouth or referrals are by far the best way to build your business. Think about your own buying habits, who are you more likely to buy from?

A seller who says: ‘buy from me, I’m great’.

Or from a seller where someone you know and trust says ‘buy from her, she’s great’.

Action steps for how to book photography clients through positive word of mouth

Here are my action steps to help you to encourage positive word of mouth:

Step One

Create an amazing experience. Keep your client informed every step of the way so they know exactly what to expect. This starts before they sign the contract with you. It’s important to educate your potential clients about what it’s like to work with you so they know exactly what to expect.

Step Two

Be consistent. Which means if you are educating potential clients about your process then you follow that process each time. Imagine that you go for a pre shoot coffee to get to know your clients first. You need to make sure that you never skip that step and that you remain consistent.

Step Three

Continue the communication post shoot. At the same time (or after) you deliver the client gallery follow up with a thank you packet. You can include trouble shooting tips and additional resources that will be useful to your client. What you include will depend on your photography niche.

As well as inclucing these additional resources you can mention your client gift (if you have one) and request a testimonial and a referral. The thank you packet is also the ideal place to mention any additional packages you have.

An example of this would be if you are a personal brand photographer and you offer a discount if people book with you every quarter for the next year. This is the perfect place to mention your package and encourage an ongoing contract.

How can you encourage your existing clients?

Think about how you can encourage your existing clients to share your name with others. Could you offer an exlusive package to existing clients, or just to clients who have referred you? Think of something special you can offer that makes them feel special or important. Make them feel like a VIP.

Not sure where to start in creating a thank you packet?

If you are not sure how to create a thank you packet or if you can’t afford to hire a designer to create one for you I have some good news…

It’s a part of the Photographer’s Canva Collection and now you can buy the thank you packet individually!

The collection is by far the best value because you get the VIP treatment through access to the private Facebook group. That’s access to me for design feedback and answers to any design or Canva questions you may have.

Feeling Inspired?

Are you feeling inspired? Do you have any ideas on how to book photography clients by making your client experience outstanding? Are you excited to implement? Let me know in the comments, I’m excited to hear your plans.



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