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Most of us try to appeal to everyone, after all it’s nice to be liked. This is true in business too. We cast our net wide in the hope that we will attract anyone who is willing to pay us. If you have been wondering how to get more photography clients, I’m going to share why you want to change your approach and why it’s a good thing to actually turn some people off.

Before that, I thought I would introduce myself as you’ve probably landed here from a search somewhere. My name is Amy Hardie and I help photographers with design templates that are easy to use and empower you to market your business with confidence. My introduction may turn some people away and that’s ok.

Why you don’t want to appeal to everyone

There is a whole lot of marketing noise both online and offline. Everyone is shouting ‘buy my thing’. We’ve seen the same thing 1000 times over and it starts to just pass over us. It all looks the same. How many times has someone tried to sell you something today, between ads on social media, on tv, on radio. How many have actually caught your attention and spoken directly to you?

The Benefit of repelling some people

The people that I have started to follow recently, both on podcasts and on social media are those who are saying something different. They are the ones who are not afraid to be themselves.

I don’t have any plans to buy any more courses or programs right now as I have purchased far too many recently. I do know that if any of these people offered something right now I would consider purchasing it because I identify with their point of view and I think they have something valuable to add. Its also true that they probably turn a lot of people off because they show their personality.

Who remembers bland? No-one. But here’s the trap I have fallen into in the past. I look at some people I follow and they are happy, full of energy and make funny jokes. I love that about them and I have tried to be mimic that because I like those attributes on them. The problem is, that isn’t who I am. I am more quiet and considered, I like to listen to people and process before I give my response.

It can be hard to pinpoint what people may like and dislike about your personality so here’s what I suggest you do to stand out in a different way.

How to get more photography clients for my business?

My top tip for how to get more photography clients by attracting and repelling is to understand who you want to attract and who you want to repel. It sounds easy but so many people skip this part. It’s understandable because in the beginning we just want to get paid by anyone who is willing to pay us. Here’s the interesting twist – the more specialised you are, the more you can charge your clients.

Jenny is planning a beach wedding and finds two photographers. Photographer A specialises in beach weddings and photographer B is a wedding photographer, no more specific than that.

In their marketing Photographer A talks about their love of beaches all the time and their visual brand gives off a beachy vibe.

Photographer B just shares all sorts of weddings as they are desperate for any sale.

If you were Jenny, which photographer would you want to hire?

Would you be willing to pay more money to work with the photographer who is clearly a beach wedding specialist and as a result more likely to understand exactly what you want? My guess is that you would pay substantially more for photographer A.

How can I do this?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging! I have created a FREE branding mini course specifically for photographers. The very first lesson involves getting clear on your ideal client and deciding who you would love to work with (rather than settling for anyone who will pay you). It’s your first step towards how to get more photography clients for your business.

You can sign up for free right now and get instant access. Just click the button below to get started.



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