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Doing my bit to help fight climate change has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been hugely inspired by the activism Greta Thunberg. I am also aware that generally as people we are inherently lazy and want an easy win. As with most things, starting with a small step is the best way towards lasting change. That’s why in this post I want to look at how to help fight climate change through our own work habits.

What can we do as individuals?

I’m sure you have heard of lots of steps we can all take to make a difference. Eat less meat, buy local and seasonal products. It is also the case that for some people this option can be more expensive. It’s easier to head to the cheapest supermarket or grocery store for the weekly shop. I encourage everyone to try to do these things if you can afford to. There is also another solution that is a win for you and a win for employers. I touched on it briefly a couple of weeks ago.

Can you work from home?

I am a huge advocate of working from home. One reason I have my own Pinterest management business is because it allows me freedom and flexibility in other areas of my life. It has many benefits for me as an individual. No commuting time, increased productivity, fewer sick days, money savings and environmental impact. You can read more on all of these topics here.

Environmental impact of working from home

According to the carbon trust: “Increasing the numbers of UK employees working from home can cut costs by £3 billion a year for UK employers and employees and save over 3 million tonnes of carbon a year.”

If these are the savings you can make in the UK, just think how much could be made in the USA and other countries.

The carbon trust also states that: “Over 40 per cent of UK jobs are compatible with working from home, but this report reveals that only 35 per cent of companies have a policy allowing their employees to work from home. And where home working is offered by companies, between one-third and one-half choose not to accept it.”

I personally think that working from home is such an easy win. On top of the environmental impact, you save money. Think about the cost of petrol or gas, parking or public transport, lunch and several trips for coffee! You also save time, I touch on how much time you save in this post on the same topic. The amount of time you can spend commuting each year is crazy!

Work from Home Wednesdays

That’s why I’m starting a one person campaign called “work from home Wednesdays”. To encourage more and more people to work from home, even if it is just one day a week. One day is better than no days and will have some impact. View it as a test and see how you get on. If you have an employer, one day a week may be seen as more possible than every day. It also gives them the opportunity to see the benefits for themselves. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be on Wednesday – I just picked that day for a bit of alliteration! 

Social Media

I’m going to be sharing this message on my social media every Wednesday. I don’t care if it’s just me on my own – I’m going to be stubborn about it! If a 16 year old girl can sit outside the Swedish parliament each week on her own I can do a simple post on social media. Do you want to join me in encouraging the work from home message? If you do, that would make me very happy.

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