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Launching your own blog can be super exciting. You pour your heart and soul into creating your blog and then you hit publish and no-one reads it. It can take time to build a following but if you know a few tricks you can start on the right track. Here are my tips on how to increase blog traffic when you’re starting out.

Keyword Research

Before you even write a word you need to start with keyword research. I use a chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere. If I search for a phrase in google, I can see what keywords are most searched and what the competition is for that phrase. I can choose to try and rank for a phrase that is regularly searched for but has less competition.

Using a tool like Keywords Everywhere can also help you to structure your blog post. I use   a list of similar search terms to help me decide on my blog sub headings and sub topics.

SEO and looking to rank on Google has to be a long term strategy. It takes time to show up on Google and for your website to become trusted.

How to attract readers to your blog

A lot of people choose to focus on Social media to drive traffic to their sites in the short term but this is not my preferred method. Algorithms for Facebook and Instagram often work against us and I find social media posts have a very short life span before they become old news.

Pinterest is an amazing option for bloggers who are just getting started. Think of Pinterest as a search engine rather than social media. Unlike Google, you can take some actions to help you show up on Pinterest quickly and importantly your content lasts, becoming more popular or even viral over time.

How to increase traffic with Pinterest

Keyword Research

Just as you need to do keyword research before you write a post, you should do keyword research on Pinterest. Research keywords on Pinterest before you write your profile biography, your board names and descriptions and your pin descriptions.

It is really easy to see what people are searching for. If you type in a topic like cake recipe a number of suggestions will come up whilst you are typing and once you hit enter there will be a number of related keywords that show up along the top of the page.

Optimize your Pinterest Profile

Use your main topic keywords (that you find during your keyword research) in your profile bio. Then do some keyword research on categories related to your main topic and us them to name your boards. You can use some long tail keywords in your board description too. This will help your profile and your boards to show up in searches.

Pin Regularly

One of the best ways to show up on Pinterest is to Pin regularly. Pinterest rewards those who pin on a daily basis. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be on Pinterest all of the time, you can schedule pins using a fantastic tool called Tailwind. Tailwind costs $120 per year but it is the best investment I have ever made for my business as my traffic doubled in my first month using Tailwind for my blog.

You can sign up for Tailwind here and you can read more about how to use Tailwind to save time here. I actually recorded a couple of video tutorials to show you how to use it too.

Create new Pins

Pinterest also recommends that you create new pins for your old content on a regular basis. I do this for my top performing pins and for pins that are not performing as well as I would have expected. I can test out new designs and new headlines and see what pins are most popular.

If you are not a designer, you can use Canva to create your pins. You can also grab my 4 free Pinterest templates for Canva to help you create new pins quickly and easily. Pop your details below and I will email them to you right away.

How to increase blog traffic (in summary)

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of keyword research

2. Use keywords in your posts and on Pinterest

3. Pin Regularly using Tailwind

4. Create new Pins (make sure you grab my free templates)

Good luck – you’ll smash it!



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