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As you landed on this post, you may already be aware that Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy is an amazing way to reach more people. In case you’re not already aware, let’s take a step back for a moment and look at why Pinterest marketing is so useful. Then we can move on to how to use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

Why have a Pinterest marketing strategy?

As far as most people (certainly most people I know) are concerned. Social media marketing is where it’s at. So many people I know post to Instagram tirelessly (or addictively) in the hopes they can get up to 10 thousand followers so that they can add a swipe up link to their stories. They want 10k followers so they can link away from Instagram to their content elsewhere.

I am going to share some amazing news with you. You can have that same feature on Pinterest from day 1. If you engage a Pinterest marketing strategy, you can get click throughs to that very same content as soon as you start out on Pinterest, even with just 10 followers and my Pinterest marketing efforts only take me one hour each week!

Pinterest loves external content

To explain why Pinterest loves external content, I need to get one thing off my chest. Pinterest is more like google than it is like Facebook. It’s a visual search engine but it does have a slightly social element which is why I think so many people don’t know how to use Pinterest to market their business. 

The main thing to keep in mind is, Pinterest is searching for external content to share with it’s users who are looking for answers to questions. Just like you type questions into google, people also type questions into Pinterest! 

Pinterest wants you to upload external content. Pinterest loves content creators and it rewards regular content creators by favouring them in the Pinterest algorithm. Why would you not want to take advantage of that?

You can read more about why content creation is important here.

People are looking for your help

You would be amazed what people are searching for on Pinterest. It’s not just for home decor ideas, wedding plans or recipes. If you are open minded and remember that lots of people use Pinterest to search for a wide array of products and answers, you could gain yourself a competitive advantage. You gain the advantage by meeting people right at the time when they are asking the very question that you can answer.

If you knock their socks off with your content or your product, you have a new fan!

Pins last longer than social media posts

Pins last so much longer than social media posts. Here’s a breakdown for you:

The half life of a pin is 3.5 months, that’s compared to just a matter of hours or minutes on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s also possible to revive a pin or a piece of content really easily.

Batching is not bad

Time is our only non-renewable resource and so we have to use it wisely. Batching your content with an approved Pinterest partner like Tailwind is a great way to be resourceful with your time. In fact, used correctly, Tailwind can up your Pinterest game significantly and skyrocket your reach. Tailwind will optimise your Pinterest activity throughout the week so you can set it once a week and then forget it to focus on other areas of your business.

How to use Pinterest for Marketing

Ok, Amy – I’m convinced that Pinterest marketing is something I need to do. Now, how does it work?

Firstly I’ll break this down for service based businesses and then product based businesses. Then I’ll share my recommendation on how best to get started.

How to use Pinterest marketing for service businesses:

The way Pinterest marketing works is this: You have a piece of content (blog, vlog, podcast etc) that ideally lives on your website. You create a pin that you upload to Pinterest and that pin links to your piece of content. You have a mechanism on your website that allows you to convert that visitor into a subscriber or a customer. This can be through a low ticket product or a free opt in to add your visitor to your email list.

How to use Pinterest marketing for a product business

You have two options with a product business, you can use the same method as service based businesses and lead to educational content. That content would educate your users on the benefits of your products or how to use your products. Your content can then lead to your product sales page.

Alternatively, you can lead directly to your product. It is well worth experimenting with both methods to see which one works best for your particular product and customer.

Getting Started

The best place to start on your Pinterest marketing journey is to get your Pinterest profile in order. You need to make sure you have a business account so you have access to analytics. You also need to make sure that your profile name and boards use searchable terms. Your profile needs to be fully on topic for your niche. If someone lands on your profile you don’t want to confuse them, you want them to think ‘this person or brand is the person or brand who can help me.’

Grab the free Pinterest profile cheat sheet to help you get started with Pinterest marketing below. It includes a checklist of the steps you need to take to get started with Pinterest marketing and set your profile up for success.

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