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Do you love Instagram stories? I didn’t understand them when Instagram first rolled them out, but now I love them and spend more time watching stories than I spend on the main feed on Instagram. 500 million people use Instagram stories every day so it’s definitely worth using this feature. The main objective of stories is to teach people to engage with you and then you can use that engagement to go deeper with your audience. But it can be tough to think of what to share so I wanted to give some specific Instagram story ideas for photographers.


On a side note. If you’re reading this in the future, let me put these strange times into context for you. As I write this post, it’s April 1st 2020 and most of the world is in quarantine in the midst the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are reading this in the future, I’d love to know how things work out. Could you travel back in time and let me know?

I feel the need to explain that, because in this post I’m going to share a video I recorded for IGTV whilst on lockdown. I was pretty exhausted when I filmed the video because my son had a day where he was clearly frustrated with our current situation and I can’t say I blame him. Anyway, I wanted to explain why I’m rather tired in the video. Back to the topic in hand, here are some of my Instagram story ideas for photographers .

Start, Middle and End

In school, you were probably told that to write a good story it has to have a start, middle and end. Instagram gave us a clue about how they wanted us to use this feature when the called it an Instagram story. They want us to provide a start middle and end. My best advice is to keep it simple.

When I create a planned story (as opposed to the times I share something off the cuff) I like to do the following:

  1. An introduction slide (basically a title sharing what the story is about)
  2. The main content (an insight, a tip or a testimonial)
  3. My simple call to action to encourage engagement.

I share an example in my Youtube video below. If you don’t want to watch the video I’ll share some examples in the post below too.


Instagram story ideas for photographers

 FAQs and Common Concerns

Think of all of the questions or worries that you get asked about by potential clients. You can share your answers in stories. Share one tip or fact at a time or you could share a set of 3 basic tips in one story. See below for a couple of examples.

Your last story (that encourages engagement) should be easy to answer so that your audience are more likely to take part. Once they answer, make sure you follow up in your DMs to dive deeper. Instagram stories lend themselves to sending DMs so you don’t need to feel sleazy about it as you are just continuing the conversation.

 The example below shares some posing tips. Once you share the posing tips, ask your audience if they like posing. It doesn’t matter if the answer is yes or no, you can continue the conversation and put their mind at ease about working with you. 


Personal Insights and Behind the Scenes

Share insights about your life or behind the scenes shots that make your more relatable. Invite your audience to share their thoughts. Again, it doesn’t need to be complicated. The slider tool in stories is a great place to start inviting engagement.

The example below is about drinking coffee whilst editing photos. This allows you to talk about your business whilst talking about something that most people do (drink coffee). You are inviting your audience to engage simply by asking if the like coffee, so they don’t need to understand your business to answer that. 

If they say they like coffee, ask them how the like their coffee. If they don’t like coffee, ask what their favourite drink is.


Stories are a great place to share client testimonials, so long as you ask permission first. Share one at a time and invite engagment at the end. Maybe throw in a quiz at the end so your audience have to guess your favourite local venue for wedding photography. Guess your favourite family day out spot that is great for family shoots. You get the idea.

Keep it Simple

The point of stories is to create easy ways for your ideal clients to start up a conversation with you. You wouldn’t meet someone for the first time and ask them to marry you so why would you do something similar on social media. Give them an easy way to say hello, that helps you to connect with each other and then remember to carry on the conversation afterwards.

How to Create Professional Stories Easily

I hope all of these tips help inspire you to create Instagram stories that encourage your audience to engage with you. You can easily create your own stories using this set of 10 templates. I created every single example above using this set of templates. It’s super affordable and I have included a video tutorial with the purchase so you know how to customise the templates to create stories for your business.

I’d love to know how these ideas help you to engage more with your audience and to turn your audience into clients. Let me know in the comments what stories you plan to create.



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