Keyword research tips

Keyword research may not be the most glamorous of subjects but it is a vital part of your content marketing strategy. It can actually also be benefitial for more reasons than just search engine optimisation. Here are my main keyword research tips.

Organic traffic

Keyword research is the starting point for search engine optimisation. Creating your content with keywords in mind, means you are much more likely to show up in search. If you show up in searches on both Google and Pinterest you will receive organic traffic, which is another way of saying free traffic.

Providing you have done your keyword research wisely, you will attract free traffic that is searching for your solution. If they are searching for your solution, you are already part way to selling your service.

Content Ideas

Coming up with content ideas can be such a stressful thing to do, particularly when you niche down to a specific topic. How many videos can I create or blog posts can I write on such a specific subject? Well, you would be surprised!

Keyword research will help you to come up with so many ideas for content. When you search for a broad keyword, if you use the right tools you can find lots of suggestions for content. The great news is, it doesn’t need to take you a long time either.

I use two tools regularly, so I want to share what they are below:

1: Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords everywhere is a google chrome plugin. It is so nifty I can’t even tell you! When you search on google, keywords everywhere throws up a whole raft of similar keywords that people are searching for. The results are posted down the right hand side of your google search window. You can even see how competitive each keyword is in relation to each other. The key is to go with a keyword that is relevant to your content, not too competitive but still searched for regularly.

Note: keywords everywhere is now a paid tool, if you are looking for a free tool I recommend Ubersuggest.

2: Pinterest

I conduct similar keyword research using Pinterest. If you are using Pinterest to do keyword research you don’t need any plugins. Pinterest does it all for you and suggests keywords all the time when you are using it. Did you ever notice? This is a great way to find out what users are searching for on Pinterest and taylor your content accordingly.

I run through how to do keyword research in more depth in my 8 week Pinterest program to help you grow your email list full of your ideal clients.

If you would like help in planning your content after you have done your keyword research you can use my free content planner. Sign up below and I will email you the planner right away.



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