Introverts have amazing skills to share with the world. Typically introverts are great teachers because we are good at listening and listening is vital if we are to learn what our clients or students need. As an introvert, marketing your business can be super daunting in a social media world where video is king. This post is dedicated to the fellow introvert entrepreneur, to help you market your business.

Before we move on I have to share that I am absolutely an introvert (if you didn’t already guess). A few months ago, I was at a Christmas afternoon tea for mums from my son’s class. Most of the mums were drinking alcohol but I was having fertility treatment at the time and so I didn’t want to drink. All of the mums are lovely and I love having one on one conversations in the playground with them. But… in this group setting I felt completely drained and stressed out. I got home and I had to go lie down. I was so exhausted from it my husband thought I had been drinking. But no, it was just the exhaustion I experienced because I was in a big group.


Introvert Entrepreneur

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you need to be brave. One thing you learn fast as any entrepreneur, let alone an introvert entrepreneur is that to move forward you have to step out of your comfort zone.

There is good news. It is possible to take baby steps towards your fear rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end. To build up your confidence gradually so that when the time comes, the task you fear is not so bad after all.

The way that I build up my confidence is through blogging, it is like the foundation to all of my other content. I’ll explain what I mean.

Blogging for Introverts

The first thing I do, is create a blog post. I take my time with this process, researching key words and researching what my audience is looking to learn. I come up with a post that I feel is valuable before I hit publish. This used to be where my journey ended, I would share my content in a couple of places. I was nervous about putting it out there and so I shared it a couple of times and then forgot about it.

Over time, I have added in building blocks to my process that have helped my confidence to grow. The first step was to be confident in my blogging which lead to me sharing it more on Pinterest.

Marketing for Introverts

Pinterest is an amazing way to start marketing your content as an introvert. If you use Facebook and Instagram the algorithm favours video, so if you want your stuff to be seen you really need to do video. Pinterest doesn’t favour any particular type of content so long as it is relevant to what the user is searching for.

My baby step was to market using Pinterest, this helped me to grow my blog audience and my email list. When I saw my audience and email list grow, my confidence grew. It was only then, that I started to turn my blog content into video. I knew what I had to say was useful so now all I had to worry about was the delivery. My delivery is terrible and you can probably tell that I am reading from a script. My eyes do this funny thing when I’m reading – it’s really not subtle. But I am doing it, and it should improve with time as I get more confident in front of a camera.

Are you an introvert entrepreneur? What task fills you with dread the most? Let me know in the comments below. Are you using Pinterest for your marketing just now? It really is the introverts dream tool. If you want to use Pinterest to market your content, grab your free PDF guide to help you get started below.

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  1. Stephen

    Great blog, thanks for advice!


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