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I’ve been doing a lot of mindset work these last few weeks thanks to Brittany Krystle and Danielle Prahl’s No BS Business Blueprint course (which is fab btw). Doing this work has made me much more aware of why having a growth mindset is so important. Last week my son demonstrated to me why persistence is one of the top attributes of having a positive mindset for business. Here’s why.

2 Years ago

I’m going to take you back a couple of years so that you know how big a deal this is. I signed my son up for swimming lessons when he was 4. I have always loved swimming and assumed he would too. HE DID NOT!

He had a fear as many kids do of getting water in his face. We tried so many tricks to get him over this fear. Practising in the bath, taking him swimming with us and playing splashing games. He was ok with these exercises but as soon as he got to his lesson he was consumed with dread. It didn’t help how these particular lessons were insistent that he couldn’t wear goggles or move on until he had mastered putting his head under water. 

Backwards instead of forwards

As a result of the stress, he started to develop a fear of swimming and refusing to go in the pool at all. We had been taking him for a full year when I decided to pull him out of the lessons. Not only had he made no progress, he had actually gone backwards! When he started the lessons he quite enjoyed going swimming as a family but ended the year with a fear of the swimming pool.

Time Out

I decided to give him a break from swimming lessons. We took him swimming and booked holidays where we could spend time by the pool so that he could learn to enjoy the water again. We actually took a break from the lessons for over a year. Finally, I decided to find him some new (different) lessons.

Starting to progress

We started his new lessons about 6 weeks ago. He loves his new lessons and looks forward to them. He is swimming on his back holding on to one float which is massive progress. His instructors don’t hold him back just because he won’t put his head in the water, plus he is allowed to wear goggles! 

I was so proud of him on Tuesday and the amazing progress he has made. He has gone from a fear that consumed his whole body to actually moving forward. When we got home from swimming I realised there were two lessons in mindset for business that I could take from his swimming lessons.

What mindset for busines tips can we take from this?

1: Give yourself some breathing space. 

Sometimes taking a break is what you need to move forward. I have no doubt that making swimming fun again before we went back to lessons helped him to view his lessons in a different way. From a personal perspective, I have experienced some of my best ideas when my son is off school and I am forced to take more time off.

2: Persistence pays off. 

This is a big one that you always hear as a mindset tip for business owners but I thought it would be helpful to illustrate it from a different angle. Even if you are going backwards, even if you are going so much slower than all your 6 year old friends (or 35 year old peers) keep going and eventually you will start to see progress.

I’d love to hear if you have any personal examples of this. Let me know in the comments.

If mindset is something you’re working on (which you should be), check out my post from last week on the positive effects of working from home.



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