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I recently conducted some Pinterest account audits for business owners in a Facebook group. I noticed that by far there was one recurring theme that is easily fixed with most of the accounts I audited. So it occurred to me that you might me doing the same thing. Today I want to share how to spring clean your Pinterest account by organizing your Pinterest boards.

What was the common mistake?

Most people had a Pinterest business account so that they could access analyticis and link to their website. When I looked at what their business was about and the content that they were pinning there was a huge disconnect. 

The majority of pins were for personal interests. There were pins for recipes, holiday destinations and hobbies to name just a few examples. These pins will confuse potential customers who land on your Pinterest profile. They also attract the wrong people to your Pinterest profile.

Organizing Pinterest boards

So, what’s the fix? Don’t worry – you can still use your Pinterest business account for personal pins, you just need to make those pins private. You can convert all of your personal boards into secret boards. A secret board is simply a board that only you can see.

As well as hiding your persoal pins, you need to make sure that all of your public boards are categories or topics that you ideal customer would be interested in. I would recommend that most of your boards are related to your topic or industry. You can have a couple of lifestyle boards that relate to the lifestyle of your ideal client rather than your lifestyle.

Attract your ideal client

Organizing Pinterest boards is probably the quickest fix that you can make to your account that will have the biggest impact on attracting the right people. You will start to attract your ideal clients to both your pins and to your profile.

I go through how you can use Pinterest to grow your email list in my 8 week Pinterest program to help you grow your email list full of your ideal clients.

I also have a freebie with the basic steps that you need to take to start growing your email list with Pinterest. You can grab the freebie below, simply fill in your details and I’ll email it to you.




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