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In this video and post I share some photography business pricing tips using pancakes. So if you are in need of pricing tips and like pancakes head this way.
In this video and post I share some photography business pricing tips using pancakes. So if you are in need of pricing tips and like pancakes head this way.

Have you ever been sucked into the price comparison game? Trying to undercut your competition to get any client who is willing to pay you? It’s so easy to do and I’ve done it myself more times than I care to admit.

What if you switched that thinking on it’s head? What if you didn’t try to get any old paying client and instead you went for a very specific client to provide a very specific service. Watch the video below where I share some photography business pricing tips using pancakes. Yes, you heard me right!


Photography Business Pricing Tips explained with Pancakes

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I’d rather read than watch the video, what’s it about?

Pancakes and Pricing

So what exactly do pancakes have in comon with pricing your photography business? Well, it’s all about positioning.

During lockdown (which we are still in right now) I’ve taken to making pancakes on a Sunday morning as we can’t go out for brunch. They are not fancy pancakes but they taste good. I still remember some pancakes that I had 8 or 9 years ago in a restaurant when I lived in Galway, Ireland. So, what made these pancakes so memorable?

I’ll break this down into the two reasons these pancakes were memorable and how that translates to you pricing your photoraphy business.

1: They were special (or niche)

It’s a bit odd to describe a pancake as niche but these were. They were topped with figs and burnt orange which I’ve never seen before and haven’t seen since. That alone made them memorable and special. Because the ingredients were different I was willing to pay more for the special ingredients.

This translates to you beause the more niche you are the better. Rather than trying to work with anyone that will pay you, be a specialist. People are always willing to pay more for specialists because they have the expertise to do an amazing job. If I am looking for a photographer to shoot my beach wedding, I would pay substantially more for a beach specialist than a photographer who does a bit of everything.

2: The experience

Back to the pancakes. They were served in this small but busy restaurant. Even though it was super busy the service was outstanding. There were other little touches that added to the experience too. The stunning desserts on display and seeing the chef through this little hatch come to mind alongside the general decor and atmosphere. This atmosphere coupled with the special toppings on the pancakes meant that I didn’t mind paying more for these pancakes than I’d paid before or since.

The nicer the experience the more people are willing to pay so consider how you can create an outstanding client experience. It can be as simple as improving your communication. Educating potential clients from the moment they find you on social media. Once they are a paying client make sure they feel informed and special throughout the entire process.

Deeper Dive

If you want to dive deeper into either of these topics, grab my free marketing planner to help you consider these points in relation to your own photography business. Just fill in your details below and I’ll send it to you.

What about you?

Think back to an experience that you have fond memories off. What was it about that experience that makes it memorable? That’s a great starting point. I’d love to hear about it in the comments or over on Instagram. You never know what great idea may come from your memories. Who knew that eating some great pancakes would lead to some photography business pricing tips?



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