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If you hide away during Covid 19 you are missing a huge opportunity! Big statement I know, but one I truly believe in. I’ll break it down for you in moment, or if you prefer to consume in video format, scroll down to watch my video. Here’s why showing up is one of my top photography business tips during Covid 19.

Why hiding away (virtually) is a big mistake

Hiding away right now is the safe option. Everything is scary and it would be so easy to just go to bed and hibernate until it’s over. I want to ask you, if you ever thought about it this way? Imagine there are two of you, one of you keeps on showing up on social media and provides tips and insights into your life in quarantine. The other version of you decides to put a pause on your photography business and waits to come out the other end. You both have the same ideal client that you want to work with after Covid. Which one is the client more likely to choose? Version A who has been showing up, providing value and building a relationship or version B who dissappeared and then reappeared hoping to pick up where you left off?

Why showing up (virtually) is a better idea

The good news is that right now, it is easier to connect with people than ever before. We are experiencing a global crisis and so all of us are feeling the same emotions (sometimes all within the space of one day). Sharing our common experiences is one of the best ways of building connections and right now we have a big one!

If you show up now for your people, when it comes time to sell again you will be in prime postion to work with the dreamy clients that you want to work with. Remember version A above? The one who signs the clients? Well that’s you!

How do I show up?

I have a few ideas to help you show up right now but first you need to be absolutely clear on your dream client so that you are attracting the right people to your content. It doesn’t matter where you are showing up (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, a blog or Youtube). First you need to make sure you know who you are talking to because once you know that, you know what they need help with.

  • Share tips specific to their needs right now – these can be related to photography and more general tips too. If your ideal client is a mum as well as sharing ways for her to capture some quarantine memories you could also share tips on how she can entertain her kids with a photo challenge.
  • Show behind the scenes of your life in quarantine. Share what you are doing right now as it is probably pretty similar to what your ideal client is doing right now. I have never baked so much in my life and judging by the shortage of flour in the UK, I think everyone is baking! Behind the scenes invites that point of commonality that builds a connection.
  • Share funny life events. Showing up may not be perfect but that’s the case for everyone right now. Even big time celebreties are having their kids walk in on them mid interview right now. Don’t hide these funny moments, share them as we can all relate to them and it builds more connection.

Help me get clear on my dream client?

OK! I have created a free mini course to help you figure out who you want to attract and how you want to communicate with them. This course is about helping you to create a brand that attracts your ideal clients rather than other photographers without the need for any design experience. Sign up for free and get started right now:

This was my first Facebook Live in a long time. The set up has changed and my landscape video has been squashed into a square. This was not intentional, you live and learn! Just sharing with you to keep it real!

Why showing up in a crisis is a good thing for your photography business.

Posted by Amy Hardie on Thursday, April 16, 2020

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