Let’s unleash the power of Pinterest and get this powerful marketing tool to help your people, make the world better and gain the lifestyle want and know you can achieve.


Pinterest is the top time efficient platform to attract your ideal clients and grow your email list in 2019.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • It’s a constant battle to get noticed on Instagram and Facebook
  • You barely have time to manage your current workload

  • You don’t have time to learn yet another marketing platform

  • You hear Pinterest is a great marketing tool but you are at a loss on how to use it.

  • I’m a newcomer to an online business, the technical part has been beyond challenging

If you agree with any of these, I want you to know that attracting your ideal clients can be so much easier.

In just 1 hour a week, I’ll show you how to say goodbye to these frustrations and start attracting your ideal clients easily

But Amy, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort!

Is it worth me investing my time to learn and use another marketing platform?


I understand your frustration, my question to you is this:

> Is a small time investment now worth more to you than wasting hours each week on Instagram and Facebook, attempting to outsmart the algorithm for your content to be shown to just a handful of your followers?

> There is a better way, a way to attract your ideal clients and add them to your email list or convert them into paying customers whilst you sleep.

> I’ll share with you my 6 step Pinterest marketing framework, a step by step process you can follow that takes just one hour each week.

Shouldn’t I just focus on Instagram and Facebook?


> Did you know that you can expand your reach on Pinterest with next to no followers. You’re follower count is not that important and even better, you don’t need to have 10k followers to link to your content, you can link to your content with 0 followers!

I’m a newcomer to Pinterest and I’ve no idea how the technical stuff works?


> I will walk you through how to use both Pinterest and Taiwlind (the Pinterest scheduling tool). On top of this I provide a step by step framework to follow so that you know exactly what you have to do each week. There is also a checklist to use on a weekly basis to keep you on track.

Just $97 right now!

“Amy has made my Pinterest marketing efforts a dream. Do yourself a favour and hire her right now.”

Niki Hutchison, Business Coach


  • Module 1: Your Profile
  • Module 2: Boards
  • Module 3: Pins
  • Module 4: Pinterest Strategy
  • Module 5: Tailwind
  • Module 6: The 6 Step Framework


1: Content planning Trello template and tutorial to help you plan out and organise your Blog, vlog, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube content VALUE $37 

2: Pinterest Templates for use in Canva along with a Canva tutorial so you can custom design your templates to fit your brand VALUE $37

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