Profit Calculator

Use this template to ensure that your business is sustainable and profitable


Be Profitable At All Times


Allocate your Money Wisely

Input your tax rate, what percentage you want to pay yourself and what percentage you would like to allocate to profit. The calculator will allocate the remainder as available to reinvest in your business. You set the rates initially and the calculator does the rest for you. This will stop you from overspending in any one area.

Simply Input your Income

Input your business income and the calculator will do the rest for you. It will tell you how much you can pay yourself and how much to set aside for tax. It will also allocate profit and money to reinvest in your business.

You Don't need a Fancy Program

The calculator is available on Google Sheets which is free – you don’t even need Excel to use this calculator! Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google email address – you don’t need one, just sign up with Google for free with any email address and you’re good to go.

Instant Download with a Video Tutorial

What is included?

Includes your copy of the Profit Calculator to use on Google Sheets

Includes a tutorial video on how to use the profit calculator

What’s next?

  1. Click the button at the bottom of this page to purchase the Profit Calculator and video tutorial
  2. You’ll enter a secure checkout page where you can pay using credit card or paypal
  3. Once payment has been made you will receive an email with links to your calculator and video tutorial
  4. Please watch the video tutorial so that you know how to use your calculator.
  5. Well done – you are taking control of your business finances!


Be profitable at all times

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