Imagine being able to create stunning client guides and welcome packets in no time, with …

The Canva Collection is a system of templates designed to save you time when positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen creative niche. With templates to help you show up and educate your ideal clients using PDF guides, printed guides and social media posts. Using these templates is a no brainer if you want to stand out and communicate your value to your ideal clients.

  • procrastinate on big projects
  • go to create a client guide, stare at a blank page and go to scroll Instagram instead
  • wonder why potential clients go on to ghost you after inquiring
  • considered hiring a designer but it’s just not in your budget right now
  • Creating graphics in a few clicks that allow you to communicate with your ideal clients and educate them on the value of working with you.
  • Having a cohesive system of graphics to help you communicate across multiple mediums from PDF client guides to Instagram Stories or YouTube video title thumbnails. What ever you decide works best for you and your business. You are able to create graphics that are consistent with your brand.
  • Having access to a designer for support and feedback.
  • Using these graphics to create an enhanced client experience and be able to up your prices as a result.

The Canva Collection

Everything you need to create consistent well designed client guides, welcome packets and thank you packets plus social media graphics across platforms in one pretty package.

What customers are saying

Super happy with my purchase! Cant wait to share with clients. This is definitely a must!

In Our Image Photos

Just purchased last night and so far so good! I’ve been researching months on a functional, simple, and personable layout & design for prospective wedding clients. Easily convenient, customizable, and, most of all, inexpensive. Can’t wait to make many future welcome packets for future clientele to come 🙂


I’ve just started using Amy Hardie designs for my insta page. The designs are simple to use, there is a varied choice and you have access to many other marketing materials! The package has been incredible value. I am happy with how much better my Instagram page is starting to look.

Maxine McCall Photography

  • create client guides in a couple of hours rather than several days
  • create consistent graphics online to encourage you to show up and educate your clients on the value of working with you so they are less likely to ghost you
  • stop procrastinating on projects that would move your business forward
  • create a client experience that allows you to increase your prices
  • free up time in your business to spend being creative.

Most importantly it will empower you to show up with confidence and free up your time so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

The Photographer’s Canva Collection was designed to help you spend less time struggling on marketing tasks and more time shooting with clients – included are done-for-you templates, quick and actionable tutorials, and personalised support inside of a Facebook group.

15 template types and over 150 Canva pages designed specifically for photographers!

 Client Experience Templates (value $69)

  • Prospective client magazine

  • Welcome guide

  • Thank you magazine

Social Media Header Templates (value $45)

  • Facebook page and group

  • LinkedIn

  • Youtube

  • Twitter

Social Media Content Templates (value $53)

  • Instagram feed and stories

  • Facebook

  • Pins

  • Youtube Thumbnails

  • LinkedIn

Email List Growth (value $5)

  • Website / Blog email opt in button graphics

Tutorials (value $97)

  • Canva Tour

  • Brand Settings

  • How to customise

  • How to Organise

Support (value $197)

  • Private Facebook group to ask your questions

Total Value $466 – You Pay $47

Once you access the collection you’ll have a fully comprehensive library of marketing graphics that help you to guide your ideal client to sign that contract and be excited to work with you. Client’s that are happy to recommend you because of the fantastic communication from start to finish (great reputation = increased prices)

How do I access the templates?

You will gain access to the template members area where I have organised template access by channel. You choose the template you want to access and  click on the image which will direct you to Canva where your template is waiting for you.

Do I get Lifetime Access?

Yes, you can use the templates as many times as you like as long as you are using them for personal business use. I will add new designs from time to time and you will get access to all new designs that I add.

Would these guides work for my industry?

These guides have been designed to work with a number of creative industries or coaching practices.

What if I encounter problems with my templates?

If you change a design so much that you are no longer happy with it, you can always go back to the members area and grab the original template again. It you need additional help, you can always ask in the Facebook group too.

What license is included?

The access comes with a standard license which means you can create unlimited end products for personal business use.

How do these templates differ from the free templates in Canva?

The templates in Canva are very general. These templates have been designed specifically for a photographer’s needs and as a system that works as a whole.

Do I need a paid subscription to Canva?

I have made sure that these templates can be used with the free version of Canva. There are benefits to the paid version, for example it’s easier to organise files and you can upload your own brand fonts but you don’t need to have the paid version.