I am well aware that creating content is a huge undertaking. Take this post as an example, I am currently mega batching content to cover the entire school summer break. My son is off for 6 weeks and so I need to get organised in order to maintain consistency. So, why don’t I just take the summer off and forget about creating content over the summer? This post is about why content creation is important for service based businesses.

3 Reasons why content creation is Important

Demostrate expertise

Creating regular content allows you to demostrate your expertise. If you talk on your niche topic regularly, you will become known for that niche. If a potential client has been watching your videos or reading your blog posts, you will remain top of mind when the time comes for them to make a hire. It’s a long game so don’t lose heart if you don’t see results immediately.

Show up in search results

When you create regular content, you will be much more likely to show up on search results. Google and Pinterest both favour fresh new content and so you have more chances of showing up on search results for your chosen topic. If you are creating new content on that topic each week you are giving Google more information about your website. Google will have more information about what your website is about which will also help in your search rankings.

Make sure you are doing keyword research before you create your content. Aim to rank for a specific long tail keyword and this will help you to show up on search results. You can find out more about this in my post about keyword research.


This is probably my top reason why content creation is important so long as are consistent. If you show up regularly for your audience then you will start to build up trust. If your potential clients can trust that you will show up every week with your content they are much more likely to have trust when it comes to buying your services. 

By creating regular content, you also have a new opportunity each week to prove yourself as an authority within your industry. This allows you to gradually build up your name with industry peers and potential clients.

Want more?

I go through how you can use regular content along with Pinterest to grow your email list in my 8 week Pinterest program to start attracting your ideal clients.

I also have a freebie with the basic steps that you need to take to start growing your email list with Pinterest. Fill in your details below and I will send it right to you.


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