As a major introvert I used to hide behind my logo on all social platforms. I didn’t understand the importance of building a personal brand at the time. I offer a service and therefore I need to find ways to help people to get to know, like and trust me. Building your personal brand does not need to be hard. So, what is a personal brand and how can you start to build your personal brand identity on Pinterest specifically?

What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is a way to build your reputation and influence. Having a clear personal brand is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal for both entrepreneurs and employees looking to advance their career.  Clarity is so important – you need to decide on what you are going to be known for so you can start to build your authority in that area. We need to prove ourselves by sharing our knowledge to build our influence.

Personal branding is not just about what you know, it’s also about who you are and what makes you different to everyone else. Why should someone reach out and want to work with you over everyone else? Often it’s some kind of commonality between you both, from a love of dogs to a snowboarding obsession. This is the personal part of personal branding, what makes you unique and different to everyone else?

Why Pinterest has a low barrier to entry for growing your personal brand

The way Pinterest works is perfect for showcasing your personal brand. This is because you don’t need to show much of your own content to illustrate what your are about. The way Pinterest is structured is conducive to showcasing the categories you have decided to share as a part of your personal brand story. 

How this works in practice

Pinterest boards are like categories. Let’s say you have a niche topic and then you have 5 categories that relate to your personal brand (hobbies, interests and passions). You can have several boards (categories) that relate to your niche topic, some with a broad focus and some with a narrow focus. 

You can then start pinning content that relates to all of the topics that are related to your personal brand. Thanks to the Pinterest algorithm, your pins and account will be recommended to people with similar interests. This helps you to find your people and build a following of the right people. Who ever would have thought we would be saying thanks to an algorithm?

Share your content and other people’s content

The reason that Pinterest has a low barrier to entry is that you don’t just share your own content. I absolutely recommend that you are creating your own weekly content in relation to your personal brand and that you house it on your own blog or website. The regular content can be a blog, video or podcast. You can start to build your personal brand pretty quickly by sharing your weekly content plus other people’s content that relates to your categories of interest. 

As an extra side note, please give Pinterest time to grow. If you are starting from scratch with the platform it can take a good few months to build your authority.  

How to move forwards

You have two options to move forward with Pinterest marketing. Learn how to use the platform yourself, if you want to do this I recommend you start by setting up your Pinterest profile for success. You can do that with this free checklist to help you.

Alternatively, you can hire a Pinterest manager. I specialise in managing pinterest accounts for personal brands who are established on other platforms and want to expand their audience and start using Pinterest as they move into the digital product space. If think you may need my help, you can reach out through this page.



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