I help photographers and aspiring photographers with design templates and educational resources to help you grow your photography business.




A designer for photographers and a mum to a 7 year old son. I live in the North East of Scotland. Having had fertility struggles I’m super grateful for my family so I want to enjoy my life with them, make amazing memories and spend quality time with them as much as possible.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to have quality time and make amazing memories with my family. That’s why I started my business, to help you do both those things too. I do this by helping photographers to captivate and convert their ideal clients through using my time saving design templates.

If you are a photographer in need of design resources for your business, you can browse my shop to help you captivate and convert your ideal clients.

The Canva Collection

Access to all of the templates in the shop PLUS any future templates and updates. Save over £350 with this option.

What customers are saying

Just purchased last night and so far so good! I’ve been researching months on a functional, simple, and personable layout & design for prospective wedding clients. Easily convenient, customizable, and, most of all, inexpensive. Can’t wait to make many future welcome packets for future clientele to come 🙂


Super happy with my purchase! Cant wait to share with clients. This is definitely a must!

In Our Image Photos

I’ve just started using Amy Hardie designs for my insta page. The designs are simple to use, there is a varied choice and you have access to many other marketing materials! The package has been incredible value. I am happy with how much better my Instagram page is starting to look.

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